Tourist Guide Ome Area
15 minutes walk from JR Hinatawada. Baigou means a home of plum trees. It came from "Masakado chikai no ume" (the plum of Masakado's oath). the season of plum blossams makes a beautiful and elegant sight in the yards of houses and parks. They show tourists and inhabitants fantastic spring. Enjoy plum blossams, shopping and so on.

Mitake keikoku(ravine)
Yoshikawa Eiji Memorial
Visit Yoshikawa Eiji Memorial after rambling Yoshino-baigou. Novelist Yoshikawa Eiji moved in this place in 1954. His masterpiece "Shin-Heike Monogatari" was written in his study room.
This memorial is in his favorite house named "Soushi-do" by him. Its main house was used by the chief of the town 140 years ago. His study room is displayed with his favorite stationaries. The garden is arranged finely. Getting satisfaction in Japanese literature and a beautiful sight.
Hamura no Seki (barrage)
15 minutes walk from JR Hamura. Hamura barrage is located the position of 60km from the estuary. Tamagawa-Jousui which used to be water supply in Edo period. Here are a pedestrian bridge, a finely arranged park and Hamura city local museum around. Pack a lunch box in your daypack and enjoy relaxing with walking.
Also in Hamura city local museum, the house of the Shimodas (an old family) which was transfered to re-created the life of a farm house in Edo.

Maimaizu Ido (well) in front of Hamura station

Oume Riverside Park
Gyokudo art museam
3 minutes walk from JR Mitake. Kawai Gyokudo, the master of Japanese art, left many beautiful and great sights of Okutama on his works. It is sure that the cycle of the seasons at that time gets in your eyes.
This art museum was founded in 1961 after 4 years of his passing away. The next door neighbor is the restaurant "Imoutoya".